Update: Announcing The Hopeful Wanderer 100th Post Bookmark Giveaway! Deadline extended!

For all you story lovers out there, it’s time for a bookmark giveaway! Over on my Twitter, @wordnerdscribe, I’ve set up the giveaway thread. Make sure you check out the post for rules and deadlines. The deadline has been extended through the end of September, so get. on. it. Enter to win one of these beautiful bookmarks!

On August 13th, The Hopeful Wanderer turned 100 posts old! That’s one hundred stories featuring the Wanderer that you can browse anytime on my blog. I’m celebrating by giving away five Hopeful Wanderer-themed bookmarks, handmade by me, featuring the Wanderer’s signature symbol, an old-fashioned compass.

To celebrate, I’ve given myself the monh of September off. Look for new Spooktober Hopeful Wanderer tales beginning October!

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