The Blog:

This blog concerns the scribbles of a word nerd (that’s me). It will usually have to do with my writing, my thoughts on writing, book reviews, and occasionally linguistics. Though these will all show up on the same blog (because I’m lazy), I’ll be keeping them separate with folders and tags.

The Writer:

(Not so) mild-mannered call center representative by day. Maniacal sorceress of words by night. By that I mean I raise myself from the dead every morning and raise my words from the dead when I get back home. I write fiction, usually of the horror and/or fantasy variety.

I live and work in the Texas town where I grew up (for now). For funsies, I travel, play tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Deadlands, and watch anime and slasher movies with my friends. I also talk about my dog too much.

Trinket the Toothless Wonder

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