The Hopeful Wanderer – Lost to Hidden

A ruined city glimpsed between thick clouds, spires and skyscrapers towering above the earth, breaking through the eternal fog enveloping its forgotten world. Sunlight poking through the windows illuminated dangling innards -- wires and ventilation ducts. Cold and empty and beckoning explorers and wanderers alike. I stood somewhere within the fog layer but still outside... Continue Reading →

The Hopeful Wanderer – Howler Alarms

Clusters of bells hung in every archway of an old stone city. At the center of each was the original bell and along both sides of its dark, weathered chain, smaller bells clung like uneven bunches of brass fruit. I stood below one such cluster, listening to their small clappers shivering in the breeze. Bright... Continue Reading →

The Hopeful Wanderer – Dying Flowers

Glass tubes glinted in the afternoon sunlight pouring in through the front window. Each tube contained a bright colored liquid, several flower varieties soaking up the colorful water. Only, their blossoms were the wrong color. As I examined them, yet another bloom changed, a pink carnation darkening to brown. I turned to the florist hovering... Continue Reading →

The Hopeful Wanderer – Soul Glow

There was a star caught in a tree. Branches hung over a neighborhood sidewalk and the first breath of fall had convinced some of the topmost leaves to begin drying out. It was in this cluster of yellow foliage that a golden spark twinkled. I stood below on the cracked sidewalk, head craned back. "Did... Continue Reading →

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